APM – S. Angidis & Son is based in the industrial area of Sindos in Thessaloniki. The company’s main objective is the construction of Flow Pack horizontal packaging machines and their accompanying equipment such as feeding systems, conveyor belts and rotating disks.
The company aims to provide excellent service while meeting industry demands for packaging and standardization in order to offer the best protection and maintenance of products, increase their lifespan, ease transport and grouping, and ensure an appealing aesthetic result. 

 The company’s story begins with Stamos Angidis who has been professionally active in the field of packaging since the late 1980s. He got his start by manufacturing and installing Hot Foil printers in imported Flow Pack packaging machines.
This experience, in combination with his mechanical skill and many years of experience in manufacturing various other machinery, led him to realize that he might be able to design and manufacture this type of machine as well. In the early 1990s he made the company’s first horizontal packaging machine in a small privately owned space in the industrial area of Sindos.
The project was successful, and two decades followed with the construction of a large number of Flow Pack machines, of various models and variations, which customers chose over imported machines of well-known brands, to equip many production companies in the domestic market, eventually leading to wide-spread name recognition in the field of packaging.
At the end of the 2000s the company’s sole proprietorship was strengthened by the participation of his son Vasilis Angidis, a qualified mechanical engineer, and was transformed into a general partnership. At the same time, the headquarters moved to a new privately owned space with larger facilities to meet the increased demand, again located in the industrial area of Sindos in Thessaloniki.
The company is now in its third decade of continuous presence and is able to claim that it is the only Greek company with exclusively full in-house design and construction activity in our field, which is our dominant competitive advantage.

 The long experience of the company in the field of packaging guarantees the essential know-how to create machines characterized by robust construction, reliability, ergonomic design which coupled with the application of new technologies and automation, result in high packaging speeds and flexibility to suit the demands of a wide range of products.

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