Quality Policy

Quality Policy ISO 9001: 20015

Customer satisfaction with our company’s products is the main goal of our quality policy.

The means we use to achieve this goal is the implementation of a Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with the requirements of ELOT EN ISO 9001: 201, as well as our  desire for continuous improvement. Through the QMS we aim to prevent errors at every level of operations, while continuously upgrading our line of products.

We all work to ensure that the required specifications are met at all stages of the production process and the final product we offer our customers. More specifically, we are committed to complying with the legal requirements of our contracts and the legal and regulatory requirements, when applicable, of deliverable goods. The quality of the final product is always approved by company management.

The operating framework of the company is,
Manufacture of Packaging Machines

Delivery time and quality standards are the key elements that characterize our company in its field.

Management, due to its commitment to the QMS in accordance with the central goal of its policy, sets, reviews, redesigns and redefines the Quality Objectives. Based on the methodology set by the QMS, it monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of work at all levels of operation.

The role of the company’s skilled team of employees and collaborators is as important as that of management, because the implementation of the QMS requires everyone to work towards the ultimate goal of complete customer satisfaction to ensure the continued competitiveness of the company.