Packaging 3 pcs of bell peppers

Most of the time, horizontal Flow Pack packaging machines are used to package a single solid product. Many times, however, there is a need for multi-packaging of products in a pillow bag form, such as for example the packaging of three pieces of different colour bell peppers.



To be able to achieve a proper packaging of this special agricultural product, we use a customized version of the Flow Pack EFP FS 25 OC.


Long infeed conveyor

To start with, for the correct placement of the peppers, we built an infeed conveyor with a total length of 4.3m in order to fit three feeding work positions. In addition, the infeed conveyor has product conveying pads, on which the products are placed. In this way the peppers are transferred and do not slide on the infeed conveyor plates.



Adjustable film former

An adjustable film former is used to form the packaging tube due to the different dimensions of the different categories of peppers



Overhead conveyor

One of the most difficult parts of this packaging is when the pusher of the infeed conveyor places the product on the packaging film and the film must then transfer all three peppers together. For this reason we have installed an overhead conveyor with soft brushes above the frame of the fin sealing wheels. These brushes slightly press the peppers on top and help to hold them together as they move from the film former to the jaw frame of the machine.



Rolling tracks mechanism

Finally, in order to have a proper transition of peppers to the dispatch conveyor of the machine, a rolling tracks mechanism is installed in the frame of the jaws and the products move smoothly during the rotation of the jaws.


Five servo driven motors

The Flow Pack packaging machine has five servo driven motors for controlling machine’s main motion axes,

  • product infeed conveyor
  • infeed of the packaging film
  • longitudinal sealing wheels
  • overhead conveyor with brushes
  • transversal sealing jaws

as well as a touch screen for entering and setting machine’s parameters.


Click and watch in video the operation of the machine with all the features as described above